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Wholesale suppliers of travertine mosaic

Travertine mosaics available in online stores are available to consumers at wholesale prices, which are of excellent quality. Different types of travertine building stone are among the products that are mainly used in construction and are mainly used in interior facades.One of the features of the travertine building stone available in the market, which is offered at a good price, is the variety in the thickness of these products, which makes them widely used.

Wholesale suppliers of travertine mosaic

travertine mosaic wholesale price

 travertine mosaic wholesale price

Travertine is one of the most beautiful stones available for floor and wall types of buildings, which is produced in various dimensions and sizes, and it should be noted that this stone also has a variety of colors.

Travertine stone has a very cheap price, which is one of the great benefits of these building materials, and it is at the top of the most popular and common building stones. Due to its beautiful appearance, this stone has attracted the attention of many architects and consumers and creates a luxurious and aristocratic atmosphere that creates a beautiful decoration in the kitchen, bathroom and other spaces of the house. Iranian travertine stone It is one of the most useful building blocks. 

The use of travertine has unique benefits, including its low cost, making it the most common building stone. Various dimensions and colors are other advantages of this stone, which depends on the type of application and its location. Travertine stone has a cool temperature and is very suitable on hot summer days and is also used well for facades. This type of building stone has a high resistance against all kinds of impacts and has a very high strength. The feature of travertine stone are quite unique compared to other stones.

The following types of travertine stones are mentioned below and you can get to know this product better:

Bukhari Valley Travertine

Takab white travertine stone

Azarshahr Silver Travertine Stone

Azarshahr lemon travertine stone

Screw travertine

Watercolor travertine stone

Travertine stone has many advantages which are:

Economically viable

It is also very convenient

The most luxurious type of stone in the construction industry

Lack of stone discoloration

Suitable for swimming pool and yard.

Travertine is priced based on various parameters and is sold in the market at a variable price. Due to its high sales, this product is also associated with mass production and has the highest use in the construction industry.

The parameters that determine the price of travertine stone include the following options:

Grade travertine grading

Type and quality of travertine stone

Travertine stone color and design

Type and amount of travertine purchase

The price of travertine varies according to the stated parameters and you can buy this product at a more reasonable price.

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