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Most stone tile products in the world

travertine natural stone tile It is a calcareous and natural sedimentary rock and has pores, and the sediment left over from hot springs and caves has been exploited and has most of its decorative uses, most of which are found in Italy. It is even found in the United States, but is mostly imported. The quality and characteristics of travertine vary depending on the region of origin and geology.

Most stone tile products in the world

Best stone tile at bulk

Best stone tile at bulk Stone design ceramics are among the new models that have been very well received by customers and applicants.

Many customers who cannot afford to buy stone for the interior and exterior of their buildings can buy stone design ceramics at much cheaper prices.

Stone design ceramics are produced in different types, which are:

  1. Marble design ceramics
  2. Travertine stone ceramics
  3. Ceramic embossed design
  4. Antique stone design ceramics
  5. Facade ceramics

Each type of stone design ceramics can be produced in various dimensions and quality grades, and their variety is very wide in terms of color.

At present, there are various types of stone design ceramics in the product list of most brands, because various types of stone design ceramics have been among the best-selling designs in recent years.

The bulk sale of stone and ceramic floor and wall ceramics in any volume is done by commercial companies and distribution companies.

The wholesale price of this ceramic model will largely depend on the design, color, dimensions, as well as the volume of customer orders.

Therefore, before buying, it is necessary to first determine the design, color, dimensions and volume required, and then proceed to inquire about the price.

Of course, the model of ceramics of stone design is produced in different quality grades and it is better to check the price difference of different quality grades.

Both marble and travertine have many mines all over Iran. Travertine quarries and marble quarries extract rocks at high tonnage, both for domestic use andĀ tradesmen travertineĀ These stones bring travertine to their country

Wholesale stone tile companies in the world

 Wholesale stone tile companies in the world In our country’s markets, tiles are traded as a best-selling example of building materials. Tile manufacturers use a variety of methods to sell in order to meet customer needs. Of course, it should be noted that most of the transactions of these products are applied in bulk so that the Iranian markets do not need foreign markets. Here are three ways to sell tiles in bulk:

  1. Direct sales without intermediaries
  2. online sale
  3. Traditional sales in urban markets
  4. Reasonable price tile in Iran

Despite the fact that there are many manufacturing plants in the field of making different types of tiles in our country, these products also have a great variety in terms of price.

The right price tiles on the market can be found in different samples. These tiles are each made with a specific brand that is made in production lines. The tiles are prepared for sale by advanced machines and experienced staff to be available in packages available to buyers.

Here’s a look at some of the Feature of travertine:

Due to its natural porosity, travertine has good adhesion to mortar and the wall under it, which is very suitable for building facades. Travertine has good resistance to cold, heat, UV rays and humidity. Travertine has a great variety of colors and designs and covers many tastes. Travertine is cheaper than other stones and is a good option for building facades. The color difference of this building facade is due to the intensity of its difference in the presence of iron carbonate. One of the most striking features of the travertine facade is its eyebrow-raising appearance. If you want to recreate a romantic atmosphere at home, a travertine would be a smart choice.

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strucrock invite you for buy the best Masonry Stone .

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